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Country Roads

John Denver's Poems, Prayers and Promises LP

I had trouble with my car’s electrical system recently and as a result, all the presets on my radio got wiped out. I’m a habituated NPR listener, but on the drive home from work the other night, repeated pressing of the scan button took me to a local oldies station.

For me, the very notion of listening to “oldies” by choice goes contrary to biases formed in my youth. When I was in college, back in the 1980s, it was Very Important To Hate Almost Everything. I remember a grimly earnest discussion with a bartender during that time, wherein I disparaged the state of popular music and commercial radio. My contention was that any kind of music mainstream enough to get airplay on a commercial station should be automatically dismissed, as unworthy of serious consideration. For some reason he felt this was an extreme position. Before I left that night, I wrote down a list of German industrial bands on a napkin for him. I’m sure I changed his life.

To get to the point: the song that persuaded me to stop stabbing at the scan button was “Country Roads” by John Denver.┬áIt’s actually a pretty good song. I was even singing along a bit. The refrain is good for trying out your skills at harmony.

Much of what I once loved I’m now bored with; many things I hated I now love. Most likely this has something to do with being 51 years old. Beware, young hipsters, this will probably happen to you someday, too.