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LEVIATHAN (2013): a review in 6 tweets

This is a photo of a whole lot of seagulls(No real spoilers here, but if you’re like me, sometimes even an opinion can be more than you want to know. Fair warning.)

  1. Experimental doc shot on fishing boat. Wanted to love it: trailer riveting. Promised an aesthetic experience the film fell short of.*
  2. With no narration or a single title card to orient you LEVIATHAN is resolutely anti-narrative. Gotta admire its purity.
  3. There are moments: some breathtaking, some verging on pure abstraction, some so grotesque they might put you off fish for a while.
  4. The footage would edit down to a terrific 15 minute short.
  5. But incredibly long, underlit takes & obtuse framing/sound (none of the fishermen are mic’d) ultimately feels like “fuck you” filmmaking
  6. If you can endure darkness, boredom, and motion sickness, LEVIATHAN (or, actually working on a fishing boat) might be for you!

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* Preposition, I know. Should be “…fell short of delivering.” Forget it Jake, it’s Twitter.