12 tweets about ZOOTOPIA

Judy Hopps in peril in ZOOTOPIA

  1. Obviously ZOOTOPIA is allegory for race/crime issues that are very top-of-mind in America right now.
  2. Gutsy to take on this theme in a “kids’ movie.” If this film is even that.
  3. I squirmed during the confrontation after Judy’s speech; Nick (the fox) leaning in: “are you afraid of me?”
  4. If you haven’t seen it, here’s the scene. It’s kind of amazing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbbdW4wVo6o
  5. So yeah, prejudice… But, using animals to tell the story puts a whole ‘nother layer on ZOOTOPIA, doesn’t it?
  6. Just kind of astonishing seeing a Disney movie using talking animals to take on nature red in tooth and claw.
  7. Here’s a global media empire built largely on drawing cute animals that act like people. Imagery so commonplace in our culture we hardly think about it.
  8. And now they make a movie that says, “think about it.”
  9. “Think how we sentimentalize animals, and how that insulates us from the natural world.”
  10. “Also: think about what they eat. And what you eat.”
  11. Apparently everyone in ZOOTOPIA lives on berries, ice cream, and donuts. There must be a lot of hungry, malnourished lions and bears there.
  12. ZOOTOPIA doesn’t address the topic of vegetarianism overtly. in fact, they carefully avoid the issue. But it’s there.

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  1. Skot Christopherson

    Earlier versions show the development of this film’s human/animal/anthropomorphic ideas. At one time. the addressed the idea that predators and vegetarian animals living amicably together as a deliberate, and rather cruel, shoehorn. In a deleted scene Jody and Nick come upon a “Taming Party,” where young predators are initiated into Zooptopian society with a collar which curbs their innate aggression. It’s chilling, and would have made the film much darker than it was (and this was the first Disney animated crime drama, as far as I know). On the other hand this idea is quite logical and it addresses the social conflict at the heart of Zootopia directly.


    • johnharden

      Hi Samuel, thanks! Yeah, I love the Twitter 140-char limit; it really forces me to distill my thoughts. And after I go on a tear about some movie, if I was any good I just compile them into blog entry. Keeping them formatted as tweets I think may encourage people to read, knowing it’s not a big commitment. Once in a while I go more in-depth: check out my review of TOMORROWLAND & piece on ARRIVAL. So far, I haven’t done any writing for film sites. You asking? 😉

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