Proposal for a Crayon Drawing

I’ve been thinking about this drawing I want to do. It’s going to be awesome. It would be a house, with a door, two windows, and a chimney. There will be a line of smoke coming up out of the chimney, spiraling up like a bedspring. Next to the house, there will be a big green tree, and me, playing with a ball. There will be one puffy cloud in the sky. And right up in the corner of the picture I will put a yellow semi-circle with lines coming out. That’s the sun.

I’ve got some good paper, and some crayons. I spent some time researching what crayons to get. I read reviews online and talked to my friends. The Crayola 64-pack was clearly the only choice. My mom got me the 24 box. That’s okay. You’ll see; I’m gonna work it! I’ll make these 24 colors sing.

My mom has really enjoyed drawings I’ve done in the past, so, there is some pressure on me. This new one has to measure up, you know? In fact, ideally it should be at least a little bit better than the last thing I drew. (It was a horse. I drew two horse pictures yesterday. I don’t want her to think that’s all I can do, is draw horses. I’m not a one-trick-pony. Hah! Get it?)

I’m gonna start my drawing now.

OK, before I start, I think I’ll have a juice box and walk around in the backyard a little, just to clear my head.

I’m back. I’m gonna start drawing the house.

You know what? You can’t rush things like this. There’s a lot to think about. This is not *just* a picture of a house. This drawing could open doors for me. Mom might put it on the refrigerator. If she’s really impressed, she might get me that 64-pack. Man!

I wish I had the 64-pack. Then I could really draw the picture I have in my head. It sucks I have to make do with the 24. Billy Johnson has the 64-pack. He’s a really good artist. I am too, but nobody is going to say, “this isn’t as good as Billy’s house, but then again, Johnny didn’t have 64 colors to choose from.” Nobody cuts you any slack; nobody cares what you had to overcome. Billy’s an ass anyway. He traces.

OK, time to get started. With my 24 shitty crayons. If this stupid house picture thing crashes and burns it’s all mom’s fault, really. She’s denying me tools I need to express my inner vision.

She’d find a way to get me that 64-pack, if she really loved me.

You know what? I can’t draw this house today. I am just in the wrong head space altogether. Plus I’m just not prepared. I’ll draw the house tomorrow.

It’s going to be awesome.crayons

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