GRAVITY: a review in 6 tweets

photo by @gloomboy

photo by @gloomboy

(No major spoilers here, but if you’re like me, sometimes even an opinion can be more than you want to know. Fair warning.)

  1. GRAVITY literally a gripping experience. My wife’s hand, arm of the chair… @gloomboy: “They should warn you to wear a bite guard.”
  2. A nuts&bolts movie, vein of APOLLO 13, or mountaineering/submarine pic where survival hinges on physical things, like a wrench or a rope
  3. Cuarón is a visual master. The pacing between the hairy suspenseful moments and the more meditative ones in GRAVITY is nearly perfect.
  4. If GRAVITY falls short of being a classic, it’s because of some lazy Hollywoodisms that took me out of the moment.
  5. If I could do my own director’s cut of GRAVITY I’d excise the Sandra Bullock’s character’s backstory and all the music.
  6. Yes you should see GRAVITY, and in the theater. Find the biggest screen you can and spring for the 3D.

I’m @giantspecks on Twitter.

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