Location, location, location

Ultra modern designer home in northern California

We’re looking for something like this: austere, ultra-modern, but situated in nature.

It’s been pretty busy here at NEW HQ as we prepare to make our film. Plans are in place to begin shooting in just over one month, and before then there’s plenty to do!

Our #1 priorities have been finding the perfect cast and finding the perfect filming locations. We’ve been having some success with the former (though I can’t announce any names quite yet) but we’re reaching out to you all for suggestions on the latter.

We’re looking for an ultra-modern designer home – to represent the futuristic environment our main characters find themselves living in. It needs to be in the San Francisco Bay Area (preferably in the north bay) and the owners would have to agree to a small film crew working in their home for about three days. We can pay the owners a stipend for the inconvenience and offer them screen credit and other perks as well.

modern-sonoma2The pictures here are of a home in Sonoma that would have been perfect but is unfortunately unavailable. But this is the kind of look we’re looking for: austere, ultra modern, but preferably situated in nature (trees). A very modern apartment might solve many of our problems too.

If you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear them! Please contact us.

More updates coming soon!

John Harden

for Sheila, Don, Skot, and the whole NEW team


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